Amazing video advertising campaigns

Video advertising is an excellent way to generate the desired sales. Plus, it is great for generating brand engagement and find new audiences. We have found a few stunning video advertising campaigns for you to learn from. Take a look at them and find the necessary inspiration for your business. 

Geiko – Unskippable

The YouTube pre-roll offers viewers the option to skip after 5 seconds. Some brands have done some clever things with the medium. This is the best example for you. It is part of a 4-ad campaign that features videos that ’’end’’ after only 10 seconds.

However, they carry for another minute afterward. We are talking about the American insurance provider Geico. The company decided to add the emphasis on those first 5 seconds. So, it created a sense of expectation in the viewer.

This made the viewers unable to stop watching. This unique video campaign makes viewers smile. Plus, it is memorable enough to spark discussion. 

Knorr – Love at first taste

Knorr is a famous brand for sauces and stockpots. Their campaign centered around the love of flavors, to succeed on social media. Knorr wanted to reach millennial’s in a different way.

People are more likely to be attracted to those who like the same flavors. And thus a wonderful idea was born. The campaign ran ads across social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and more. Each ad has been edited specifically for the platform it appeared on. 

Always – Like a girl

The idea that this company had was and still is stunning. Always turned an insult into a message of empowerment. This has helped to bring self-confidence to women all over the world.

Plus, it is a video advert that is appealing to the next generation of clients. This video has been shared over a million times. 

Burger King – Pre-roll

This famous brand wanted to have their cake and it as well. So, they came with this amazing ad campaign. Each video bemoans YouTube ads while also being one itself. There are 64 variations in this campaign.

The videos are about a raft of things that viewers wanted to watch on YouTube before the ad started playing. It is a clever bit of targeting with the help of Google AdWords’ ability to play ads before specific videos from YouTube.

Burger King picked some of the most popular videos in the country to advertise alongside. There is no surprise why the ads make reference to all screaming goats and All Blacks highlights. 

Volvo trucks – The technician

The goal of this campaign was to get up close and personal with the brand’s products. It is one in several videos called Live Tests. As the name suggests, each one has an amazing live stunt showing off the features of this brand’s trucks, as performed by professionals.

You have certainly heard about its bigger, more popular brother The Epic Split. With a weak budget, this brand knew their YouTube ads could only take them so far.

So, they backed them up with a wonderful PR strategy. This strategy involved sending out information about the stunts to encourage industry bloggers.

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