Are game ads the next great thing after video ads?

Digital advertising and gaming have evolved a lot in the past few years. Digital advertising is dipping more into experiential marketing. Plus, gaming has moved out of the living rooms of teenagers and into the core of widespread pop culture.

The times have changed a lot in the past few years. Are game ads the next great thing after video ads? Let’s explore and see. 

Why use games in advertising?

YouTubers have contributed to the ad industries’ phenomenal growth over the past years. Video ads have become a priority for Facebook and contributed a lot to the mobile ad revenue growth in 2015.

The popularity of mobile ads has created a demand for a more interactive ad format. We can call this a new generation of online marketing, Game Ads.

What are Game Ads? Well, they are some short interactions that have a similar duration to Video Ads. These ads boast higher engagement rates and deeper insights into user engagement.

Because there is no auto-play feature, the user must interact with the Game Ad to finish it. This means a higher brand value per session. Gameplay dynamics have changed a lot due to innovative technology.

Today, gaming is a powerful form of digital media consumption. 

How is a game ad campaign designed?

This type of campaign consists of three elements: ad, mini-game, and destination page. In general, game ads are being rewarded straight away after the game-play, through the destination module. This module can either be a landing page or something more advanced.

Various game outcomes could be linked to different rewards. Marketers gain valuable insights through measurable actions. They often allow advertisers to capture customer data.

Due to the popularity of messaging platforms, game ads is the key to gaining more marketing traction. Game ads could be placed inside of different messaging groups.

This can be done by using multi-player game mechanics. Those games are being suited to work in combination with chatbots such as the one from Kik. It is being expected to be released a wide range of new features around the combination of ad games. 

Are game ads less risky than advergames?

Yes, they are. The costs that game production involve have declined over the past few years. An important budget and high-associated risk are an inherent part of building new games. The decline regarding the production costs has been fueled by the rise of indie games.

In fact, the indie games industry is being powered by new games such as Unity. Many of the studios that are producing indie games can’t make a living out of their work. A huge part of their budget goes into production. 

In-game advertising is capable to serve real-world ads into the gameplay. This means that advertisers and game developers find it easier to join forces.

These blended ads are being received quite well by the gamers themselves. All in all, we believe game ads are the next great thing after video ads. In fact, this is the opinion that many game developers have.

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