Are video ads the future of advertising?

Video ads help advertisers prime opportunities for data collection and brand exposure. Plus, they enhanced targeting and personalization. Video ads are the future, as they allow businesses to connect with targeted audiences.

Video ads have higher engagement

Video ads catch the user’s attention in two ways: movement and sound. Both play an important role in conveying a good message and better engagement.

People are more likely to click-through online video ads than standard banners. Video ads use movement and sound to capture visitor attention. The ad format is a lot more efficient at delivering your narrative to the desired audience.

The tailored message is easy for people to consume. Video ads that have a persuasive final call-to-action can keep audiences interested. Most users will remember 95% of a message when this message is being watched.

Only 10% of the users will remember a message when it is being read. This means that people are more likely to remember your message via a video than a text.

Video ads are shareable

Another wonderful advantage of video ads is that they are shareable. Most users are more inclined to share videos. Note that more than 700 videos are being shared on Twitter every single minute.

Video adverts are relatable, concise, and they always have a story to tell. All these aspects make them shareable. Plus, they offer brands an excellent way for expressing themselves.

Video ads have a higher click-through rate

Because video adverts tell a wonderful story, they benefit from more clicks. Even though they are more expensive, their story will engage more prospects. So, the number of clicks will increase a lot.

In fact, anything that has an exciting story is more attractive. People like things that touch their emotions. They feel more connected to a video than to a text.

Higher Google ranking through video

Video content includes keywords that help users find a certain video. There are also other video metrics that can help videos rank higher than written content.

These are: social shares, excellent user interaction via comments, higher subscription rate, more mentions, higher percentage of ‘’watch later’’ occurrences, and user engagement.

Goggle has released a real-time option that allowed to insert video ads across YouTube and partner sites. The reason was to be a part of the Super Bowl Game defining moments.

Video is more appealing to the user than Print or TV

Print and TV are for the masses. When it comes to videos, you can create several versions for far less cost and with a higher reach. In fact, the use of video as a primary medium of information has shot up by 10% in the last 5 years.

The viewership frequency and the viewing time determine how well a video performs. Popular platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, or Vine, deliver various formats of videos. This shows that there is a huge market for all types of vide format.

All in all, video ads are the future of advertising. Businesses all over the world can use them for attracting the desired clients.

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