Everything you need to know about video advertising

More than a billion people are watching all sorts of videos on Facebook every day. We are talking now only about one social network. If we would have to include YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, then the numbers skyrocket.

In case you are not using video advertising, then you are missing out on a huge actively engaged audience. Here is everything you need to know about video advertising.

You must know what your video advertising goals are

No matter the marketing strategy you choose, you need to know what your goals are. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Would you like to create a certain feel for your brand?

Answer yourself these questions in the most honest way possible. This is something that you must not omit. Creating a marketing strategy will help you answer all the above questions.

All these are excellent goals for a marketing strategy. Knowing what you want to do, will help you make strategic decisions about the content.

Choose the desired platform

It is important to consider what social media platforms you want to use. Video works in a different way between Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Are you already doing video commercials for traditional media?

If so, then you must work differently online. You must make some adjustments. These adjustments will help you optimize television advertisements for social media. What platforms are you already using?

Paid vs Unpaid video advertising

Those who have a strong social media SEO strategy can gain a lot of exposure by posting their own content for free. Shelling out for paid ad space is also great for boosting your reach.

Plus, it is not necessary to put all the time and effort into cultivating a loyal following. With unpaid advertising, you can create content and not ads. Think about what videos you would watch.

Unpaid advertising is great for those who are more focused on their brand identity. Plus, it can also help with growing social networks. Paid video advertising works like the ads you see on TV.

Depending on the budget you have, you can even consider doing a bit of both. You can post the desired videos while having paid ads. This will help you expand your audience even more.

Targeting your video advertising

What you want is to get your ads in front of the target audience. Who is your ideal client? For a correct answer, consider the age, interest, location, and income.

Social media lets you target potential clients on their birthday and marital status. Once you know exactly who is your ideal client, you can buy social media ad space. By knowing your target you will also be able to create unpaid content.

Every time you create a video, you need to consider who your followers are. Create a video that will appeal to this specific target. Create only videos that your followers will enjoy and that will bring you more attention.

The worst thing you can do is to make a video that alienates the followers you already have.

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