How much money do casinos spend on video advertising?

Video advertising is very popular among most businesses, including online casinos. Duet o this strategy, any company can promote itself with success. In fact, the number of clients is increasing a lot due to video advertising.

It is being said that online casinos are spending lots of money on promoting themselves. Let’s find out if this is true or not.

What are the statistics saying?

Regulus Partners is a respected gambling specialist team. Their financial analysis has estimated that the money spent by casinos on marketing has gone up by 56% since 2017. In fact, this percent is increasing very quickly.

Today, most marketing activity is on the internet. Lots of businesses are spending five times more online than on television. The areas where gambling companies are spending the most money on marketing are:

  • Online marketing costs. Almost 48% of total gambling marketing spend.
  • Advertising through marketing affiliates. Websites and publications that earn money for generating new business for online casinos. Nearly 19% of the total expenditure.
  • TV advertising – only 15% of the total casino’s marketing spend.
  • Sponsorship media – double the amount spent in the last year.

Nearly 80% of all casino marketing spend is online. Detailed marketing expenditure is being commercially confidential. This means that obtaining definitive figures is not possible.

Regulus Partners used some techniques that city analysts are using for generating estimates. These estimates are supposed to have great credibility within the online casino industry. Today generations are growing up in a different world than their parents.

The Gambling Commission reports that 60% of 10-16-year olds have seen casino advertisements on social media. This percentage is being compared to 65% of children who have seen casino advertisements on TV.

Plus, one in eight 10-16-year-olds follows casino platforms on social media. They are four times more likely to spend money on gambling. The rate of gambling among people is higher than the rates of drinking alcohol.

Plus, they are also higher than the rates of smoking cigarettes and taking illegal drugs. What does this underline? Well, it underlines the need to treat gambling as a serious public health issue. You must pay more attention to the extent of gambling-related marketing online.

Social media platforms should share in the responsibility to protect young generations. Video advertising is a strategy that most online casinos choose for promoting themselves. This strategy is a very good one for attracting more gamers.

It works pretty well, and that’s because the impact of a video is a lot stronger than the impact of a text or photo. These businesses know that and they take advantage of it.

Companies are investing lots of money in video advertising. However, they recover that money really fast. There are plenty of gamers who spend huge amounts of money in online casinos.

Plus, there are also lots of new gamers who play at online casinos every single day. All in all, online casinos cannot complain about this aspect. They have enormous earnings every single day from people all over the world.

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