How to create a video ad

Video ads have become very popular these days. People all over the world are making them in order to achieve different goals. You can create a video ad in Ads Manager that runs on Facebook, Instagram, and even on Audience Network.

In this article, we will show you step by step how to actually create a video ad.

Steps you must follow for creating a video ad

You need to know that video ads can be used with many objectives. We recommend the Video Views objective to reach lots of people to watch your video. Also, you need to use a supported file format. The video must meet the specifications for delivering your ad with success.

Step 1 – Go to Ads Manager.

Step 2 – Click+Create.

Step 3 – Select the objective that can support video. Once you do so, select ’’Continue’’.

Step 4 – Select the desired audience, placements, as well as optimization, and once you do so, click ’’Continue’’.

Step 5 – Find the ’’Format’’ section and then click ’’Carousel’’ or ’’Single Image or Video’’. In case your objective is Video Views, then your only format option is Single Video. For choosing the carousel format, you need to choose another objective.

Step 6 – It is now time to upload the desired video in Ads Manager. There are a few important details you must have in mind when doing this. First of all, if your format is Single Image or Video, then you should Add Media, and select Add Video. Upload your video from the library.

Click Upload for another video in case you want more than only one. If the format is Carousel, then you need to scroll to the Ad Creative section and click Video/Slideshow. Once you do so, click Select Video for uploading a video or for selecting a video from the library.

Step 7 – If you want to customize a thumbnail image, then you must click Edit Video. Keep in mind that you can also add captions, text overlays, as well as logo overlays. It may not enjoy all the options, as they may not be available when including a video as part of a carousel.

Step 8 – This step is for adding the desired text, links, and tracking. When you get to this step, take your time to write something that people will be interested in. Think about something attractive and suggestive that will be exciting. Once you are done, click Confirm to publish the video ad.

Creating a video ad is definitely an easy process. Anyone can do it with the right information and a bit of patience. If you ever decide to create video ads, then by following these steps you will get to the desired results. Don’t rush with this.

Take all the time you need for creating the desired video ads, and you will surely achieve your goal. Whether you are a business owner or you offer some sort of services, with video ads you will make yourself known.

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