How to get video ads on your website

Once you understand the power of a mobile video advertisement maker, you can move towards the monetization aspect. Video ads are some of the best ways to generate greater conversion rates.

Plus, they can help you build revenues for your site. Including these video ads on your website is not that easy. We will show you in the following how to get video ads on your site.

Sign up for a relevant video ad network

You can place your own videos on the website as ads. Yet, bigger revenues depend on the quality and variety of ads you display. Signing up for a video ad network is the best way to make sure you have a steady pipeline of ads.

Some networks present you with an easy approach to placing ads. These networks also allow you access to fairer prices. That’s due to their real-time bidding model. Note that you can sign up for more than only one network.

Set up an ad manager

By doing so, you can keep track of your ads and placements. Several applications allow placing ads and creating spaces for them to be viewed. For example, DoubleClick lets you create ad tags with ease.

Plus, you can also set up your ad buying and keep track of how well your ads are performing. Most of all, it automates the process of placing the best quality ads possible on the site.

Choose the right video player for you

You must make sure you own the right video player for your needs. This means that the machine must handle video ads. Are you using Google’s services?

If so, then the company only accepts certain formats and videos for display ads. For ads in your embedded videos, you need to make sure you are being allowed to integrate pre-, mid-, or post-roll ads.

Set up your pages for video ad display

This is the next step you must follow. You need to connect your setup services with your site. For displaying your image and text ads, you must set your ad unit on Google’s Ad Manager. As soon as you do this you will see ads displayed on the locations and pages you have permitted.

Your video players and display locations must work properly. If so, then you can add the appropriate Java Scripts and tags to your back-end. This will allow you to start tracking your ad performance.

Choose the right videos

Once you have chosen the desired videos you can start displaying ads in. Note that you can integrate ads directly into the embedded video player. This will give you extra real estate for revenue.

Track the performance

You must not forget about this step either. Keep an eye on the performance to ensure you are getting the desired results. Track what videos and spots are delivering the best results. By knowing all this information, you will optimize very well your offerings.

So, you will make your website more appealing to advertisers and publishers. Even though this process takes some time, it can be well worth your while. Integrating video ads into your site can help maximize the monetization capabilities.

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