Tips for making your own video ads

For any startup, making a video advertisement is one of the best ways to announce your presence. Your audience can be a wide one, and in only a few minutes, a spot will explain what your business does.

YouTube clips are cheaper than slick TV commercials, and the impact is very strong. Here are some useful tips for making your own video ads.

Put together a plan

To know exactly what type of message you want to convey, there are some questions to consider.

1. What do you want to promote?

2. How can you emphasize your reputation and experience?

3. Is this a general introduction of what you have to offer?

4. Do you want to promote a special offer?

Length is flexible

Even though the length is flexible, you should keep it brief. In comparison with commercials in other media, video ads tell the story in greater depth. It is being recommended to keep videos in the 90 to 120 seconds range if the product is straightforward.

It is also important to not abuse the relative lack of time constraints. In case you have viewers’ attention, then you should not squander it. This is the most valuable thing.

Don’t make a jokey video, unless you are funny

In fact, you should never do a video that doesn’t fit your personality. If you don’t have a sense of humor, then you must not do a funny video. There are lots of videos that go viral due to a smart joke.

This can be tempting for many people. Yet, you should not come up with a funny concept for your ad unless you are funny. If the sense of humor comes naturally, then the impact on people will be as desired.

Personalize your video

You need to personalize your video. You can do this by adding pictures of yourself, pictures of your employee, or even of your customers. Clients’ testimonials are also great to be used on these videos.

They will build trust within customers. Anything that you do must fit your personality, just like we said earlier.

Always use clear language

Online viewers may be confused as well as turned off by it. People who work in marketing often make a common mistake. This mistake refers to using industry jargon.

Plus, it also refers to buzzwords as shorthand for showing or describing a product’s value. It is more than important to always use clear language for the best results.

Understand the limitation

It is also very important to understand the limitation of what a video can actually do. Just like the movies need a strong cast and a solid script, a good video ad rests on the quality of the product.

A huge mistake would be assuming that a video can answer questions that the product can’t on its own. You should make a smart video, but do not expect it to succeed solely on high production values.

In case it doesn’t get millions of shares, then the problem might be the business and not the ad itself.

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