What To Watch out for in 2021

Welcome to our review of what to look out for in New Zealand for 2021. We have covered a list of key software, websites and trends that we believe are going to be making waves in New Zealand in 2021.

The Best Messaging Software for 2021 in New Zealand

The world of online messaging has been dominated by WhatsApp, Skype and more recently Zoom. These products, particularly WhatsApp have become a vital part of our social ecosystem of the the last number of years.

This might all change in 2021 with a large backlash being seen against WhatsApp. The company that is owned by Facebook updated their terms and conditions early in 2021 announcing that they would start sharing data between WhatsApp and the other businesses within the Facebook group.

This has lead many previously loyal WhatsApp customers to reconsider their position and consider alternative messaging platforms. The leading alternative at this point looks to be Signal. Signal do not store any customer data, conversations or connections on their servers and put customer privacy first.

This privacy first approach has really benefitted them in the wake of WhatsApp’s recent privacy update.

These are some of the reasons we believe that Signal will make massive strides in breaking up the WhatsApp monopoly and may just prove to be the best messaging software in 2021.

Signal Messanger

Best Entertainment and Gaming Website in New Zealand for 2021

This is a tough category as it encompasses a number of diverse consumer facing websites that help customers in a variety of ways. We have not included streaming platforms in this category, such as NetFlix or PrimeVideo, as we cover them directly under the streaming section later in this article.

The best website in this category in our opinion is Best New Zealand Casinos. This decision was made for a number of reasons. New Zealand is finally seeing the maturing of its online gambling market with legitimate brands finally taking New Zealand seriously.

This growth in the market also means that is is going to be important for customers to find safe and secure online casinos to play at, educate themselves on how these casinos work and understand their rights as consumers.

BestNewZealandCasinos.com addresses all this areas by providing comprehensive online casino reviews, in depth analysis on player rights, customer guides on how to get the most from your gambling experience and awards for the best online casinos in New Zealand.

The website is extremely fast which is pivotal for customers in New Zealand and offers an unbiased view of which casinos are safe and recommended for New Zealanders to play at.

Best New Zealand Casinos Website

Best Streaming Service in New Zealand for 2021

This is a category that is constantly expanding with new entrants from DisneyPlus and Apple TV looking to break the stranglehold that Netflix and PrimeVideo have created.

It is difficult to select a winner in this category as each entrant hold some unique selling points and draw backs. DisneyPlus offer a great selection of movies, kids programs and are building out the lineup of exclusive content with series like The Mandalorian. Their price point is very high for the volume of content available and their software is not as stable as their competitors.

The best streaming service in our opinion continues to be Netflix with a superior user interface, a massive catalog of programs and a steady stream of new and exclusive content at a reasonable price point.

Netflix Streaming Service


The world of software and technology is moving rapidly and it is pivotal for people to stay on top of trends to make sure they are still getting the best of what is out there. We hope you enjoyed reading our view of what to expect in 2021 and look forward to hearing back from you.

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