What is video advertising?

We all watch online videos, on different platforms. Whether it is checking out the most viral videos or catching up with some TV shows, we all consume video content. We can’t seem to get enough of it.

Advertisers love video advertising because of many reasons. First of all, the videos are inexpensive. Second of all, they can stay online for longer periods of time and attract lots of viewers. Discover below what is video advertising.

What is video advertising?

Video advertising is very popular these days among companies and people as well. This is an advertisement for a service or a product featured in a video format.

It is some sort of marketing message that is being meant to convince you to buy something. Some video adverts are being made for attracting as many viewers as possible. This, again, is a clever way to earn money.

To reach your goal with your video advert, you must make an attractive and exciting clip. You need to be creative and know exactly what people are being attracted to.

A video advert is a promotional content that plays before, during, and after streaming content. There are some marketing specialists who expand the video advertising definition. They include display ads with video content.

Advantages of video ads

Marketers have many benefits associated with video advertising. A video catches the user’s attention straight away. This means that brand awareness goes up. The only limit when creating video ads is imagination.

Furthermore, video ads are shareable, increasing reach. Users are more likely to remember what they see than what they read. Video ads can also optimize video for mobile devices.

Video formats

There are several options when it comes to video advertising. The most common ones are:

1. Linear video ads

These ads take over the full video player space and they are linear. That’s because they run in line sequentially with the content. Plus, they can be up to 30 seconds long. Linear ads do not allow for fast-forwarding through the ad.

2. Interactive video ads

Interactive video ads completely take over the screen. Moreover, they pause the video content while they play. With these ads, it is being allowed for various interactions.

These interactions might be clicking for more information, or signing up for a newsletter. Interactive video ads are in most cases a mix of video, animation, or static images.

In general, they are up to 30 seconds long, and they show up before, during, and after the content plays.

3. Overlay video ads

Overlay video ads run together with the video content. They do it in the form of an interactive banner ad in an overlay. When you click on these ads, the content will be paused, and the ad will open in a full-screen player.

These ads run for about 15 seconds before rotating to another ad or reducing in size.

4. Companion video ads

Companion ads play alongside the video. They provide a persistent visual for a brand while the video is being watched. They do that without taking up video player space.

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